Consider this before massaging your Baby for Constipation

Babies often get constipated especially during weaning since they are being introduced to new foods. The child may be constipated because of overeating or reaction to the food. Massages can be applied on the stomach to ease the pain and facilitate the bowel movement. Learn more about these by clicking the link.


Before giving the baby a massage, make sure it is relaxed and not under tension. You can relax the baby by giving it a warm bath and keeping it in a warm room to make the muscles relax further. The body needs to be relaxed before the massage to release the muscle tension and reduce muscle tension. Warm water can also be given to the baby to produce heat and prepare the body for the massage.

Remove clothing

Get rid of the baby's clothes before carrying out the massage. Gently caress the baby's skin while looking at it to see how it reacts to the touch, this will tell you whether it is scared or not. Make sure your hands are warm and your touch gentle. Relax and wait for your hands to be warm before having contact with the baby if your hands are cold. You do not want to freak out the baby and have it crying throughout the massage session.

Pay attention to signs of pain

Pay attention to reactions that may mean the baby is in pain before doing the massage. In some occasions, constipation, may be caused by a complication in the body other than the stomach. In this case, applying pressure on the stomach may make the baby more irritated and uncomfortable. Look at the baby's reactions to see that it is not in pain.

Oil for massaging

Rub your hands vigorously before using applying the oil to make them warm. Use baby oil, which is gentle on the skin and does not cause irritation on the baby's skin. Use clockwise movements to massage the baby while gently applying firm pressure on the skin. Use the oil sparingly to minimize friction while increasing its penetration. Massage both the upper and lower abdomen and pause in between massages to enhance peristalsis. You can massage the baby's body to keep it calm and relax the muscles.

Massages can be used to ease constipation in both children and grownups. You however need to seek the advice of a doctor before massaging the baby since it may be an indication of an underlying problem. After the consent, feel free to massage the baby occasionally to make it sleep well and have healthy muscle development. Massages have a healing effect on the body and the muscle relaxation induces sleep. This explains why babies tend to sleep more peacefully after a massaging session. For more tips read